• England v South Africa Test Series 2012: 3rd Test
  • 20th Aug 2012 11:00
  • Ground: Lord's
Home team Score Away team



South Africa

315 All out (107.3 Overs)
294 All out (82.5 Overs)
309 All out (101.2 Overs)
351 All out (124.2 Overs)
South Africa win by 51 runs

England v South Africa commentary

20th August 2012, 05:22pm

England's year-long reign as the world number one Test side is over, South Africa take over the mantle - and it is difficult to argue against that. The tourists have outplayed England during the series and are fully deserving 2-0 winners. Trott, Bairstow, Prior, Broad and Swann all took the attack to South Africa on what turned into a more exciting final day than it might have been but, in the end, it was fitting that Philander finished things off with the second new ball. He has been superb throughout this match. Thanks for joining us and enjoy the rest of the day. Bye for now.

South Africa win the third Test by 51 runs, complete a 2-0 series victory and displace England at the top of the world rankings.

Wicket Philander needs only one more delivery to seal the victory, last man Steven Finn going in a similar manner to Prior, edging to Kallis at second slip. England all out for 294. Philander finishes with 5-30 in the innings and match figures of 9-105.

Wicket Prior is out this time, edging a drive at a Philander outswinger into the hands of Smith at first slip. It definitely wasn't a no-ball and Prior departs for 73, taking England's hopes with him.

Over 82 - Eng 289-8 (Prior 73, Anderson 3) Steyn is given first use of the new cherry. Anderson fends a short ball into the gully, played it well and is rewarded with a single to get off strike. Prior guides a cut behind square on the off-side to the boundary. He tries to repeat the dose to the final ball but it shoots through low underneath his bat. Anderson will now be on strike to Philander. England need 53 off 21 overs.

Over 81 - Eng 288-8 (Prior 69, Anderson 2) Tahir continues with the old ball for the time being. Prior comes down and misses aiming into the leg-side and wicketkeeper De Villiers whips the bails off. Did Prior get his foot back? It goes upstairs and replays show it is close. You can view those replays either way, I'd say he's out but the bails are actually dislodged between the frames when his foot goes from one side of the line to the other. Third umpire Rod Tucker eventually gives it not out and, on the replays available to him, that it is the right decision. England need 58 from 22 overs. South Africa are taking the second new ball.

Over 80 - Eng 285-8 (Prior 67, Anderson 1) The crowd erupted when Taufel signalled for the no-ball and South Africa's celebrations were cut short. The new ball is now available. England need 60 runs off 23 overs.

No-ball More drama at Lord's as Prior holes out to Duminy off Morkel. That looks like the end for England until umpire Taufel asks to check if it is a no-ball. Turns out Morkel overstepped (the replays are clear) and Taufel relays the news just as Prior has almost made it to the boundary rope. He turns round and returns to the crease with a big grin on his face.

Over 79 - Eng 283-8 (Prior 67, Anderson 0) James Anderson joins Prior and survives the last two balls of Tahir's over. England need 63 from 24 overs.

Wicket Another run out disaster for England, the second of the day. This time it is Swann who has to go, paying the price for his indecision after Prior called him through. Swann, who had played forward to drop a delivery from Tahir into the off-side, stuttered instead of responding immediately to the call and, in the end, Tahir was able to throw down the non-striker's stumps from close range to leave Swann just short. Swann's exit brings an end to an eighth-wicket stand of 74 in 11 overs.

Over 78 - Eng 281-7 (Prior 65, Swann 41) Morkel is called into the attack to stem the bleeding. England have scored 52 runs in seven overs since tea. There is no change of approach as Prior continues to throw the bat, carving two down into the off-side and then just clearing mid-on for another boundary. Only just got enough on that. England need 65 runs from 25 overs. The required-rate is not a problem.

Over 77 - Eng 273-7 (Prior 58, Swann 40) Tahir continues despite being expensive in his last over. Prior dances down to drive straight for two and then sweeps to the midwicket boundary. That one didn't land in the rough so was a bit safer for Prior to attack. England need 73 runs off 26 overs. South Africa starting to look a bit worried but still have the second new ball to take in three overs.

Over 76 - Eng 265-7 (Prior 51, Swann 39) Swann is dealing in boundaries at the moment, dispatching a short ball from Kallis for six to midwicket and following up with a cover drive for four. England need 81 runs off 27 overs.

Over 75 - Eng 255-7 (Prior 51, Swann 29) Not sure if Swann picked the googly or not but, either way, it ends up in the stand at midwicket. That six reduces England's requirement to exactly 100. Prior twice reverse sweeps for four and suddenly the Lord's crowd are on their feet. Prior has gone to his half-century from 107 balls, England need 91 runs off 28 overs. The second new ball is five overs away.

Over 74 - Eng 240-7 (Prior 43, Swann 22) Prior picks off Kallis for a single into the leg-side and Swann follows suit on the other side of the wicket. Sharp running from Prior turns one into two to finish the over and means Swann will now be on strike to Tahir...

Over 73 - Eng 236-7 (Prior 40, Swann 21) Prior tries to open up the off-side without success a couple of times but makes no mistake when Tahir drops the next one in short, pulling to the midwicket fence. Tahir responds with a beauty that spins across Prior and beats his forward defence. Swann fails to spot the googly and is struck on the pad pulling, Tahir is interested in the lbw shout - but nobody else is as it pitched comfortably outside leg-stump.

Over 72 - Eng 231-7 (Prior 36, Swann 21) Kallis also carries on his spell after the break and is greeted by a thumping pull shot from Swann which races away to the square-leg boundary. That is followed by an even better shot to the next ball, Swann getting right across his stumps to flick it finer for four more. England require 115 runs from 31 overs.

Over 71 - Eng 221-7 (Prior 35, Swann 12) Tahir continues after tea and starts with a maiden despite Prior's best efforts to sweep from out of the rough.

England go to tea needing another 125 runs with three wickets still standing. The dream is alive, just about. There are 33 overs remaining and South Africa will get their hands on a shiny new cherry after 10 of those. Join us for the final session at 1600h (BST).

Over 70 - Eng 221-7 (Prior 35, Swann 12) Swann is less comfortable against the short ball but plays the first one he receives from Kallis nicely, running it down to the vacant third-man boundary. He fends off another into the leg-side to get off strike. Kallis goes right through Prior's defences, didn't miss the off-stump by much and then nips one back into his pads. Top spell from Kallis and now it is time for tea.

Over 69 - Eng 215-7 (Prior 34, Swann 7) Swann gets off the mark with a reverse sweep for four off Tahir. Ugly but effective. He picks up two more with an orthodox sweep and then dances down the track before opting to defend at the last moment. Swann retains the strike with a pulled single and will be on strike to Kallis at the start of the final over of the session.

Over 68 - Eng 208-7 (Prior 34, Swann 0) Swann strolls out to join Prior with five minutes until tea. England's last three wickets need to come up with 138 runs to complete this run chase.

Wicket Kallis, as is so often the case, makes the breakthrough. Broad's luck finally runs out, top edging a bouncer straight down Amla's throat at fine-leg. That was well directed by Kallis, right at Broad's head. It was a good catch too from Amla, went up very high and he had plenty of time to think about it.

Over 67 - Eng 205-6 (Prior 31, Broad 37) More padding away from Prior against Tahir before he finally turns a single into the leg-side from the fifth delivery.

Over 66 - Eng 204-6 (Prior 30, Broad 37) Prior drives square but a diving stop on the boundary keeps it to three. A couple of quick singles to end Kallis' over keep the scoreboard ticking for England. The required-rate is 3.84.

Over 65 - Eng 199-6 (Prior 26, Broad 36) Tahir tries a few googlies to Prior, who is equal to the task and finishes the over by turning a single to square-leg to retain the strike. Kallis is coming back into the attack...

Over 64 - Eng 198-6 (Prior 25, Broad 36) Broad is now playing an attacking shot at every ball. He carves Morkel behind square on the off-side to complete a half-century stand with Prior from 74 balls. The field is now spread, just two slips in place, allowing Broad and Prior to each collect an easy single. England need 148 from a minimum of 39 overs.

Over 63 - Eng 194-6 (Prior 24, Broad 33) A quick single into the off-side from Tahir's opening delivery gets Broad away from the strike. Prior kicks away the rest of the over, not interested in playing at balls landing in the rough outside his leg-stump.

Over 62 - Eng 193-6 (Prior 24, Broad 32) Broad's uppercut almost ends in tears but JP Duminy, running back from point, can't quite make enough ground for the catch. Broad is taking on the short ball with mixed results.

Over 61 - Eng 190-6 (Prior 23, Broad 30) It's all about the sweep for Broad when he's facing Tahir, this time getting his broomstick out to add a couple more to the total. He also collects a single later in the over, forced into the covers after Tahir dropped a bit short. Easy pickings.

Over 60 - Eng 187-6 (Prior 23, Broad 27) Steyn takes a breather and Morkel comes back into the attack. There are 20 overs until the second new ball becomes available for South Africa, if the game is still going at that point of course. There is plenty of chat going on out in the middle, particularly involving Broad, Morkel and Steyn. Broad, I think, is chipping in with his views on where Morkel is following through. Umpire Simon Taufel has a word with Broad at the end of the over. England need 159 runs from a minimum of 43 overs.

Over 59 - Eng 184-6 (Prior 22, Broad 25) Broad is looking to sweep at every opportunity against Tahir. He picks up a single in that manner, albeit from a full toss.

Over 58 - Eng 183-6 (Prior 22, Broad 24) Prior opens the wrists late to run the ball down to the third-man boundary, using Steyn's pace against him.

Over 57 - Eng 179-6 (Prior 18, Broad 24) Nasty moment for Amla at short-leg as he turns his head into a powerful sweep from Broad. He seems fine but that was a solid blow to the top of the helmet. Tahir, excitable at the best of times, seems to have calmed down a bit.

Over 56 - Eng 176-6 (Prior 15, Broad 24) Broad and Prior each collect a single as Steyn concentrates on a full length.

Over 55 - Eng 174-6 (Prior 14, Broad 23) Prior pulls the reverse sweep out of the bag, makes good contact and gets it away to the boundary. Tahir not happy and his mood plummets further later in the over when a (very) hopeful lbw appeal is ignored and Prior then pulls away at the last moment. Tempers are getting a bit frayed, there is a lot at stake for both sides. A good time for a drinks break.

Over 54 - Eng 170-6 (Prior 10, Broad 23) Broad is in all-out attack mode, collecting a total of 12 from Steyn's over. An aerial drive for two is followed by a top-edged hook that races away fine. That was a sharp bouncer from Steyn, it would have hit Broad on the head if he hadn't made contact. Broad saves the best for last, dumping another short ball into the stand at midwicket.

Over 53 - Eng 158-6 (Prior 10, Broad 11) Tahir will fancy his chances from round the wicket to the left-handed Broad, who is fortunate as a forward prod just evades Amla at square-leg. Broad rethinks his approach and slog-sweeps for a couple, he is better off attacking against Tahir, when he defends it just looks like a matter of time.

Over 52 - Eng 153-6 (Prior 9, Prior 7) New batsman Stuart Broad gets off the mark and brings up England's 150 with a boundary, guided through the gully off the back foot. Broad has made his intentions immediately clear, pulling over midwicket for two more the first time Steyn bangs it in. There are a minimum of 51 overs remaining in the day and England require 193.

Wicket Trott is gone for 63 to a sharp catch from Kallis at second slip. Trott tries to carve the first delivery of Steyn's new spell through the off-side but gets an outside edge and Kallis, moving to his left, grabs it two handed. Steyn holds up six fingers to Trott - the number of times he has dismissed him in Test cricket.

Over 51 - Eng 146-5 (Trott 63, Prior 9) Tahir is going full the repertoire but Prior appears equal to the task, leaning into a drive for two. The pitch is not offering Tahir a great deal of help, some variable bounce but it is not turning square. Steyn is coming back on...

Over 50 - Eng 142-5 (Trott 62, Prior 6) The sun has come out at Lord's but it makes no difference to Philander, who continues to bowl some excellent stuff, as he has done throughout the entire match. Prior spars and missed at a delivery that seamed away but does collect some runs into the leg side at the back end of the over, a pulled two and a single off his pads.

Over 49 - Eng 138-5 (Trott 61, Prior 3) Prior stretches right forward but is still beaten on the outside edge by a delivery that spun across. Runs hard to come by at the moment, South Africa right back on top after Bairstow had wrested the initiative.

Over 48 - Eng 138-5 (Trott 61, Prior 3) Philander makes the T sign after his lbw appeal against Trott is turned down. Sadly it's not up to him and, after skipper Smith turns his back and discusses it with the slip cordon, South Africa deciding against asking for a review (their last one). It's a good decision as it was too high and sliding past leg-stump.

Over 47 - Eng 138-5 (Trott 61, Prior 3) Prior miscues a drive but still picks up two, he hasn't settled yet against Tahir's leg-spin. Tahir is aiming at the rough outside the right-hander's leg-stump from round the wicket.

Over 46 - Eng 136-5 (Trott 61, Prior 1) Trott turns the strike over with a single to square-leg. Prior drives back past Philander and sprints through for a single to open his account.

Over 45 - Eng 134-5 (Trott 60, Prior 0) Prior is content to take an early look against Tahir, jamming his bat down on one that shot through low, a bit like the delivery that dismissed Bairstow. Three maidens in a row.

Over 44 - Eng 134-5 (Trott 60, Prior 0) Trott resists temptation as Philander concentrates on the corridor outside off-stump. England won't be shutting up shop because there is little for them to gain from a draw - they would still lose the series and top spot in the rankings. Might as well go down swinging.

Over 43 - Eng 134-5 (Trott 60, Prior 0) Bairstow's departure brings an end to a fifth-wicket stand of 89 in 17 overs. Matt Prior joins Trott in the middle with England needing 212 to win.

Wicket Tahir makes the breakthrough, bowling Bairstow for 54 (47b, 8x4) from the round the wicket. It landed in the rough area and shot through quicker and lower than expected as Bairstow went back in defence. Tahir sets off on a jog round the square in celebration.

Over 42 - Eng 132-4 (Trott 59, Bairstow 53) Philander makes a better start to the afternoon session than Tahir, immediately opening the lungs for an lbw appeal against Bairstow. Not out, was just sliding past leg-stump. Bairstow glances to the fine-leg boundary later in the over to complete his second half-century (41b, 8x4) of the match - and of his four-game Test career. This partnership is worth 87 in 16 overs.

Over 41 - Eng 123-4 (Trott 58, Bairstow 45) Tahir starts with a full toss after lunch, which is flicked out to midwicket by Bairstow for a single. There is a slip and short-leg in place but also sweepers back on both sides, South Africa hedging their bets a bit.

The morning session had a bit of everything. South Africa's seamers were on top in helpful conditions early on, there was then a dropped catch, a comedy run out, plenty of sledging before Bairstow revived England's victory hopes with a boundary-laden counter-attack. The required-rate is not a big problem for England but, with only six wickets to play with, South Africa remain strong favourites. That could change this afternoon though, join us at 1340h (BST) to find out.

Over 40 - Eng 120-4 (Trott 57, Bairstow 43) Trott is using Morkel's pace to his own ends, guiding another boundary down to third-man. A single for each batsman later in the over takes us through to lunch with England 226 runs away from their target.

Over 39 - Eng 114-4 (Trott 52, Bairstow 42) Trott forces through the off-side for couple to complete his 12th Test half-century (126b, 6x4). Taylor stands to applaud on the balcony, looks like everything is forgiven for the run out already. Tahir goes round the wicket and discomforts Bairstow, who fails to spot a googly which thuds into his pad and is then beaten prodding forward outside off-stump by the next delivery.

Over 38 - Eng 111-4 (Trott 49, Bairstow 42) Lively from Morkel, who beats both Trott and Bairstow once in the over, on each occasion the batsman was looking to cut but was undone by extra bounce. A single for Trott down to third man takes him to 49.

Over 37 - Eng 109-4 (Trott 48, Bairstow 41) Singles all over the place, five of them in fact, as Tahir fails to get his length right. Trott easily spotted the googly and had plenty of time to go back and work it into the leg-side.

Over 36 - Eng 104-4 (Trott 46, Bairstow 28) Bairstow's assault means it is the first time today that England have taken the initiative, let's see how South Africa react. Trott gets into the action with a boundary, run off an open bat face to the third-man fence.

Over 35 - Eng 98-4 (Trott 41, Bairstow 37) Smith decides the time is right to turn to spin for the first time today and brings Tahir into the attack. Bairstow continues on his merry way, slamming a drive back over the bowler's head one-bounce into the hoardings and then sweeping fine for four more to take his boundary tally to seven. The 50-partnership comes up from 52 balls of which Bairstow's contribution is 37 off 24.

Over 34 - Eng 87-4 (Trott 39, Bairstow 28) No hanging around from Bairstow, pushing a pair of twos into the covers and then slamming a pull to the boundary when Morkel drops short.

Review South Africa use 14 of their 15 seconds before deciding to ask for a review of umpire Simon Taufel's decision to turn down an lbw shout from Morkel against Bairstow. Hawkeye shows it was only just clipping the outside of leg-stump as Bairstow missed with his attempt to play to midwicket. Taufel's original decision stands. South Africa down to their last review.

Over 33 - Eng 79-4 (Trott 39, Bairstow 20) No sign of Tahir getting a chance to bowl as Smith continues to go with seam at both ends. And why not given the way they have bowled this morning, England have been under constant pressure. Maiden from Kallis as Trott is happy to duck under some short stuff.

Over 32 - Eng 79-4 (Trott 39, Bairstow 20) Another pair of boundaries for Bairstow off Steyn's bowling. The first is not very convincing as an outside edge falls short and bounces between Smith and Kallis at first and second slip respectively. The second is a high-quality straight drive. Don't think Bairstow has faced a bouncer yet during his near half-hour stay, seems his first-innings effort answered questions about his ability against the short ball which emerged during the West Indies series earlier in the summer.

Trott has been involved in seven run outs during his Test career and five times it was the other batsman who was out.

Over 31 - Eng 71-4 (Trott 39, Bairstow 12) Trott is drawn into another hard-handed drive by Kallis and is again fortunate to survive, this time the edge falls just in front of Hashim Amla at backward point. Trott picks up a couple to midwicket in trademark fashion later in the over.

Over 30 - Eng 69-4 (Trott 37, Bairstow 12) Bairstow drives Steyn for a boundary on both sides of the wicket, although Morkel should have stopped the first one.

Over 29 - Eng 61-4 (Trott 37, Bairstow 4) Rudolph's drop gives Trott back-to-back boundaries, the first was a well-timed square drive where he opened the wrists at the last moment.

Dropped Trott is given a life by Jacques Rudolph at third slip after being tempted into a drive by a Kallis outswinger. Rudolph had to move to his right but got his hands in a bad position.

Over 28 - Eng 52-4 (Trott 29, Bairstow 3) Bairstow is off the mark with an edged drive through point for three. He threw his hands into that and wasn't entirely in control. Trott ends Steyn's over with an uppercut for four, clever shot using the pace to his advantage.

Over 27 - Eng 45-4 (Trott 25, Bairstow 0) Petersen in the gully is getting stuck into Trott with some chat about that run out. It is a bit feisty out in the middle, Trott giving as good as he gets by the sounds coming through on the stump microphone. Trott happy to leave alone as Kallis concentrates on a line well outside off-stump.

Over 26 - Eng 45-4 (Trott 25, Bairstow 0) Horrible way for England to go to the drinks break, batting coach Graham Gooch has his head in his hands on the dressing-room balcony. There is not much more to add.

Wicket Taylor is run out after being sent back going for a fourth run. Trott flicked towards mid-on and the ball pulled up just short of the boundary. They took three easily and the fourth looked on. There appeared to be no call from either batsman and Taylor had made it three-quarters of the way down before realising Trott, who initially seemed interested before turning back, wasn't coming. Taylor then had to turn round but had no chance to make it back. All concerned need to hang their heads at that piece of running. Shambolic.

Over 25 - Eng 41-3 (Trott 22, Taylor 3) Taylor is beaten outside off-stump by a peach from Kallis, it angled in and then seamed away down the slope. Bounced as well. Good luck playing that. Taylor breaks the long string of dots and retains the strike with a single whipped off his hip behind square.

Over 24 - Eng 40-3 (Trott 22, Taylor 2) Steyn decides short is the way to go against Trott, who is back in his shell after an aggressive start and is happy to duck. Three maidens in a row for South Africa. Kallis, despite not looking too keen, is about to come into the attack...

Over 23 - Eng 40-3 (Trott 22, Taylor 2) Taylor looks less comfortable when Philander pitches full, an edged drive falls short and is well stopped by Alviro Petersen in the packed slip cordon. Testing maiden from Philander.

Over 22 - Eng 40-3 (Trott 22, Taylor 2) First change of bowling today as Steyn, the top-ranked Test bowler in the world, comes into the attack. Steyn not pleased after Trott again flashes without making contact outside off-stump. There is an appeal for caught behind down the leg-side against Trott from the final ball but South Africa quickly lose interest and there is not even a discussion about a review. Just flicked the thigh pad on the way through.

Over 21 - Eng 40-3 (Trott 22, Taylor 2) Spare a thought for De Villiers, who is having to dive around all over the place behind the stumps due to the way the ball is moving late. Philander's seam position is exemplary but Taylor has settled nicely, playing late in defence with minimal foot movement.

Over 20 - Eng 39-3 (Trott 21, Taylor 2) Nice timing from Trott, picking up three to midwicket. Morkel, who had Taylor caught at slip in the first innings, is too wide to tempt the new batsman into playing. The floodlights are on at Lord's due to the gloom, tricky batting conditions.

Over 19 - Eng 36-3 (Trott 18, Taylor 2) England's approach has bordered on the reckless so far today, this match is ending in a positive result either way. The new batsman is James Taylor and he gets off the mark with two driven into the off-side.

Wicket South Africa skipper Graeme Smith holds on at the second attempt at first slip after Bell edged an ambitious drive at another late-swinging Philander delivery. Smith parried it up off his chest via his chin and then was able to make the grab two handed.

Over 18 - Eng 34-2 (Trott 18, Bell 4) Morkel's radar goes on the blink and he delivers a ball so wide that Trott can't reach it despite his best efforts. Tough conditions for batting at the moment, the ball is still new and is seaming around for Morkel and swinging for Philander. Hard to believe what I'm seeing from Trott, who drills a cut behind square for four. He is isn't looking to defend much.

Over 17 - Eng 29-2 (Trott 14, Bell 4) Trott continues to chase anything wide, this time an outside edge flies over Jacques Kallis' head at second slip and away for four. Surprisingly aggressive approach from Trott this morning, England are clearly not willing to go down in meek fashion. Bell has seen hardly any of the strike so far.

Over 16 - Eng 24-2 (Trott 9, Bell 4) Pace and carry from Morkel. Trott is beaten twice more outside off-stump, that makes it four times already today by my calculation. Trott chased a short, wide ball and then chased a full, wide one but made no contact on either. Quick single into the covers allows Trott to retain the strike.

Over 15 - Eng 23-2 (Trott 8, Bell 4) Philander claimed 2-4 from four overs last night and is rewarded with the chance to continue this morning. Trott punches his first delivery into the covers for a couple to reopen England's account. He is then tempted into playing and comprehensively beaten by an outswinger that also bounced steeply. Philander has got the outswinger going late (with the help of the Lord's slope). He passes Trott's outside edge once again but this time it is too good for the wicketkeeper as well and escapes for a couple of byes. Almost another repleat, this time Trott shoulders arms and it dies in the pitch, bouncing for the second time right in front of De Villiers, who can't prevent it disappearing for four byes.

Over 14 - Eng 16-2 (Trott 6, Bell 4) Morkel is a bit wide outside off-stump with his first couple of deliveries before tightening up his line. Bell plays with soft hands as an outside edge goes straight down and along the ground to third slip. Maiden to start.

Morkel to get us under way this morning and the opening delivery carries through to wicketkeeper AB De Villiers at chest height.

Challenge Vernon Philander was all over England's left-handed openers last night, removing both Alastair Cook and Andrew Strauss lbw (the England skipper shouldered arms at a delivery that was going to hit middle about halfway up). With Philander and Dale Steyn swinging it around, Morne Morkel's pace and bounce and Tahir's leg-spin, South Africa appear to have all bases covered. Can someone can stand up and play the innings of a lifetime for England, like Mark Butcher did at Headingley against the all-conquering Australians exactly 11 years ago? We are about to find out.

Odds check Our friends over at Sky Bet have in-play betting on a range of markets today. They make South Africa 4/11 favourites before the start of play, the draw is 9/4 and England are outsiders to win at 16/1. Or you could back England at 8/1 in the Draw No Bet market.

Pitch report Lord's is one of the harder Test pitches in England, along with Old Trafford and The Oval, and this particular deck still looks in reasonable condition heading into the final day. There are some worn patches, as you'd expect at this stage of the match, for South Africa's leg-spinner Imran Tahir to aim at but it is by no means a minefield. It is quite a gloomy morning at Lord's, the overhead conditions may encourage the ball to swing, we shall see...

History If England pull this off today it will be the ninth highest run chase in Test history and the highest at Lord's. More encouraging for England is the fact teams have twice made more than they require in the fourth innings of a Lord's Test - India made 397 in a losing cause in 2002 and Australia 406, also in a losing cause, three years ago.

Good morning Welcome to over-by-over commentary from the final day of the third Test between England and South Africa at Lord's. England will resume on 16-2 in pursuit of a victory target of 346. South Africa lead the series 1-0 and need only a draw to overtake England at the top of the Test rankings. Play starts at 1100h (BST).

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