• England v Australia Test Series 2013: 1st Test
  • 14th Jul 2013 11:00
  • Ground:
Home team Score Away team




215 All out (59.0 Overs)
375 All out (149.5 Overs)
280 All out (64.5 Overs)
296 All out (110.5 Overs)
England win by 14 runs

England-Australia Day 5 LIVE!

14th July 2013, 05:09pm

England win by 14 runs Five wickets in each innings for James Anderson as a remarkable Test match comes to the sort of conclusion it only ever could do: controversial, thrilling and insanely tense. Cricket, eh? There's nine more of these to go as well.

WICKET! Haddin c Prior b Anderson 71 Perhaps inevitably, a controversial finish. Haddin given not out on the field, but England review and the noise as the ball goes past the bat combined with the tiniest mark on Hot Spot is enough for the decision to be overturned. England win a remarkable Test by 14 runs.

Over 110 - Australia 296/9 (Haddin 71, Pattinson 25) Haddin takes a single down the ground off Swann before Pattinson gets a thick inside edge and nutmegs himself. The ball runs down towards long-leg, and Trott has to give pursuit as the batsmen take three runs. Haddin defends the last ball of the over, and Cook can't cut it off at midwicket so the Australia keeper gets a single to keep the strike. Fifteen to win.

Swann Swann thrown the ball after lunch. Didn't bowl at his best this morning.

Over 109 - Australia 291/9 (Haddin 69, Pattinson 22) First drama of the afternoon session comes from the second ball of Anderson's spell as Pattinson gets an inside edge that bounces down past the stumps. In truth, it was not particularly close to the timbers. But it matters not as the oohs and aahs echo around Nottingham. Pattinson still looking solid, though, and survives a maiden over.

Here we go... Players back out in the middle. It won't be a long session, but it's sure to be special...

Betting England still favourites with Sky Bet at 8/11. Australia are 6/5.

Anderson update Confirmation that Anderson was suffering with cramp, not a groin injury. No real surprise after he got through 13 overs unchanged during the morning session. In that case, expect him to be back bowling straight after the lunch break.

Lunch So that ends the morning session. England had to be patient to start with, but at 231-9 it looked like they were home and hosed. Yet in this game that has ebbed and flowed throughout, Haddin and Pattinson have put on a last-wicket stand of 60 to give Australia real hope at the break. What is it with no 11s in this match for the tourists? First Ashton Agar, now James Pattinson!

Over 108 - Australia 291/9 (Haddin 69, Pattinson 22) Australia need 20. Haddin blocks all six deliveries from Swann, meaning we will have a lunch break on day five at Trent Bridge. Swann tries his luck around the wicket to the right-hander for the last two deliveries, but with no joy.

Over 107 - Australia 291/9 (Haddin 69, Pattinson 22) Australia need 20. A single apiece for both batsmen - Broad does his best to make sure it's the last over before lunch, re-tying his boot lace after the fourth ball and then taking the thing off after the next, desperately trying to delay the game so the clock ticks around to 1.30pm. Umpires are wise to it, though, and decide we will still have another over to end this enthralling session.

Over 106 - Australia 289/9 (Haddin 68, Pattinson 21) Australia need 22. DROPPED! Haddin goes on the sweep and sends it spiralling out towards Finn, who dives forwards but can't cling on. He gets a hand to it as he stretches out but palms the ball over the rope for four. Uncannily like Edgbaston now, as Simon Jones dropped a tough chance on that day in 2005 diving forwards, albeit he was at third man. How are the nerves now?

Over 105 - Australia 283/9 (Haddin 62, Pattinson 21) Australia need 28. Chance for England! Haddin calls yes after dropping one towards point, but Pattinson sends him back. Bairstow swoops on the ball but is throw is poor. Had it been on target, the match would be over now. The fifth ball of the over from Broad is an off-cutter that beats Pattinson all ends up. It's turned - perhaps he should bowl a bit of spin instead? For now Swann is back on the field and able to continue his spell.

Over 104 - Australia 282/9 (Haddin 61, Pattinson 21) After a Haddin single to start with, Swann is too full to Pattinson. He twice gets away with low full tosses and then heads off the field when his over comes to a conclusion. Australia's requirement is 29.

Over 103 - Australia 281/9 (Haddin 60, Pattinson 21) Maiden from Broad - Pattinson plays it superbly, driving comfortably off the front foot and then leaving the last ball well alone as the bowler tries to tempt him outside off. Further worries for England - Anderson is calling for a 12th man to come on, possibly struggling with crap or a groin injury.

Over 102 - Australia 281/9 (Haddin 60, Pattinson 21) SMMMAAAASH! Pattinson puts his big boot down the pitch and swings Swann over mid-wicket for a big six. A single off the last ball means he keeps the strike, but also brings up the half-century stand between this last-wicket pair. It's taken them just 46 deliveries to reach the milestone. The most added by a 10th-wicket pair to win a Test is 57. Cook's response to this is to take Finn off and bring Broad back into the attack. Australia now need another 30.

Over 101 - Australia 273/9 (Haddin 59, Pattinson 14) Pattinson gets in on the boundary fun, pummelling Finn through backward point for a four that brings those Australians inside the ground off their feet. The shots of the crowd show some nail-biting going on, and the nerves are shredded further when the over finishes with both batsman and wicketkeeper missing an inswinger, resulting in four byes. Australia now need 38.

Over 100 - Australia 264/9 (Haddin 58, Pattinson 10) Swann AGAIN gifts Pattinson the chance to get a single at the start of the over, this time lobbing up a half-volley on his pads that he can cloth into the mid-wicket region for one. Finn to continue - Australia now need another 47 more runs for victory.

Over 99 - Australia 262/9 (Haddin 57, Pattinson 9) Finn has Pattinson on strike...and immediately lets him get off it with a leg-side delivery to start. That will annoy bowler, captain and a nation. Haddin decides to take on the new bowler, flicking a four through mid-wicket and then driving straight down the ground to bring up his half-century. He celebrates his landmark with another boundary, this time over the top of mid-on, and two more come from the last ball through backward point. That solitary over from Finn has cost 15 runs and Australia now require a further 49.

Over 98 - Australia 247/9 (Haddin 43, Pattinson 7) Again England allow Pattinson to get a straightforward single to mid-on - where's the need for that man to be so deep? Haddin makes the most of the chance to take the strike, sweeping Swann for four as Finn never picks the ball up out at deep backward square leg. He looks like he's attempting to stop a pig in an alley as he darts from side to side trying to locate the ball. Swann's not happy, but then he rarely is when someone makes a mistake in the field off his bowling. Finn, who fielded the next delivery to ironic cheers, has now been drafted into the attack to replace Anderson. The Burnley Express sent down 13 overs off the reel this morning, taking 3-21.

Over 97 - Australia 240/9 (Haddin 37, Pattinson 6) Haddin takes a single off the first ball - he's showing faith in Pattinson. He's rewarded for his confidence, too, when the no 11 deflects away a leg-side delivery down to fine leg for four. He also nicks the strike with a one out to deep square leg to finish - England won't mind that too much. Australia need a further 71 for victory - lunch can now be delayed by 30 minutes with the innings (and the match in this case) just one wicket away from being complete.

Over 96 - Australia 234/9 (Haddin 37, Pattinson 1) Pattinson's allowed to get off strike with a single to a deep lying mid-on - England should not be allowing the no 11 to move out of the firing line so easily. Haddin takes one as the field is pushed back for him, then sees his batting partner stand firm to finish the over. Australia need another 77 - they're not going to get there in singles, so Haddin needs to hog the strike and pick his moments to attack the bowling. Here comes Jimmy again...

Over 95 - Australia 232/9 (Haddin 36, Pattinson 0) Anderson just keeps on running in, I'm sure he's forgiven his captain now for dropping Siddle in the previous over. Last man Pattinson blocks two deliveries and then sneaks a leg bye as England appeal in hope for an lbw decision. Haddin can't get a single off the last delivery, meaning the left-hander is on strike to Swann. Australia need another 79.

WICKET! Cook clings on this time! What a cracker from the captain! Siddle goes for the drive but edges it towards Cook, who dives to his right and takes the ball when it's almost behind him. He pouched it in his right hand and then clasped his left around it, making sure he would remain in control as he came down to earth.

Over 94 - Australia 231/8 (Haddin 36, Siddle 11) Bye, bye, bye, bye. Quite how a turning delivery from Swann missed both stumps and Prior's gloves is anyone's guess. Haddin went for a booming drive and the ball went through the huge gap between bat and pad, only just missing leg stick as it ran away for four extras.

Over 93 - Australia 227/8 (Haddin 36, Siddle 11) DROPPED! Cook can't hang on! The skipper seems a little late moving to his left as he's stationed himself at a wide first slip for Siddle. Sir Ian Botham - a man who took a few catches in that region during his career - says it came at a 'lovely height'. England could perhaps have put two men in catching for Siddle, and had they done so it would have been a regulation grab for a first slip.

Over 92 - Australia 225/8 (Haddin 35, Siddle 10) Siddle immediately comes down the wicket at Swann, shovelling a single to long-on. The next ball barely gets above Haddin's boot laces, but doesn't come back enough to threaten his furniture. Applause at the end of the over for England's spinner, you can sense there's tension amongst the crowd now as Australia's requirement stands at 86. And still Anderson is going to continue...

Over 91 - Australia 224/8 (Haddin 35, Siddle 9) Anderson has now reeled off 10 overs on the bounce. Speaking of bounce, there's next to none when a delivery grubbers almost under Siddle's bat. Luckily for him, it was not straight at the stumps. He finishes the over with a single to mid-wicket to keep the strike - Haddin had started it with another lofted, yet far from convincing, drive that got him two more runs. A further 87 required as Captain Cook brings Swann back into the attack.

Over 90 - Australia 220/8 (Haddin 32, Siddle 8) Haddin gets a single out to deep cover (England are happy enough with that outcome) from the first ball of the Broad over, then watches on from the non-striker's end as Siddle gets off the mark with a risky drive on the up that goes in the air through the vacant point region. The next shot is much safer, a whip through mid-wicket coming right out of the middle of the blade as the bowler strayed onto his pads. Target now down to 91...

Over 89 - Australia 211/8 (Haddin 31, Siddle 0) Wicket maiden from Anderson, new man Peter Siddle stands firm for the remaining five balls. Haddin now has to think about going even more on the offensive. The Burnley Express, meanwhile, now has 315 Test wickets to his name - Bob Willis (325) is the next stop on the list.

WICKET! Anderson has his second in the morning, and it's Ashton A...sorry, it's Mitchell Starc who has gone, in exactly the same fashion as his double - caught by Cook at first slip off an outside edge. Australia now need 100 with just two wickets remaining.

Over 88 - Australia 211/7 (Haddin 31, Starc 1) After a Haddin single down to third man, new man Starc gets off the mark with a thick-edged drive that goes wide enough of mid-on's left-hander to pick up a run. Haddin nearly plays on with an inside edge and then decides to have a dart at one pitched up, slicing a drive out towards the man at deep cover to net a couple of runs. You just get the feeling a chance from him is going to come sooner or later. Australia's requirement is now down to exactly 100.

Over 87 - Australia 207/7 (Haddin 28, Starc 0) Mitchell Starc replaces Agar. Reports that they've simply sent Agar out there with a different bat as yet unconfirmed. Starc has a go at his first ball and the ball whistles past the outside edge. Crowd are alive now.

WICKET! Agar c Cook b Anderson 14 Breakthrough! Anderson outswinger finds Agar's outside edge and flies to Cook in close at first slip. Almost behind him as he grabs it, but grab it he does.

Over 86 - Australia 207/6 (Haddin 28, Agar 14) Four for Agar, thrashing a short, wide ball from Broad to the cover boundary. The last ball of the over grubs along the ground, going under Agar's bat and just past the off stump before eluding Prior to allow the batsmen to complete a bye. Australia need 104 more runs to win.

Over 85 - Australia 202/6 (Haddin 28, Agar 10) Taken a couple of overs, but here come the new-ball runs as Haddin chips over mid-off for two and then gets a drive out of the middle of the bat to hit the ropes at cover. A ball fired down the legside by Anderson is tipped round the post by Anderson to allow two byes. Australia's target almost into two figures.

Over 84 - Australia 194/6 (Haddin 22, Agar 10) Stuart Broad into the attack to share the new ball. Agar continues to look utterly unflappable, despite Broad snaking the last ball of the over past the outside edge.

Over 83 - Australia 194/6 (Haddin 22, Agar 10) The pros and cons of the new ball in evidence within three balls here. The first beats Agar's defences and cannons into the pads, but clearly pitched outside leg despite England's roar of appeal. The third ball is dabbed behind square by Agar, and it races down to third-man where Trott can only just cut it off despite having only a few yards to cover. Haddin steers a short ball to third-man and runs well to scamper back for two runs.

New ball Crucial Moment right here: England take the new ball. Big gamble, will surely bring runs or wickets. Crucial. Crucialness. Vital.

Over 82 - Australia 191/6 (Haddin 20, Agar 9) So tense here. Another maiden over, from Swann to Haddin. Half a shout for lbw from Swann as Haddin pads up, but far too much guesswork involved there. Hawk-Eye suggests height as well as line is a problem.

Over 81 - Australia 191/6 (Haddin 20, Agar 9) No new ball, predictably enough. Anderson gets his first go at Agar this morning, spearing the ball towards off stump from round the wicket. The first beats the outside edge, but the second finds it as Agar opens the face and steers the ball along the ground and wide of the slips for four. Australia need 120 more to win.

Over 80 - Australia 187/6 (Haddin 20, Agar 5) Nimble footwork from Agar allows him to give himself some room and dab Swann to short third-man for a single before the inevitable big shot comes from Haddin. Had to happen, but he nails this full-blooded sweep and splits the two boundary riders to pick up four.

Over 79 - Australia 182/6 (Haddin 16, Agar 4) England would have loved an early wicket here, but they've got second prize. The squeeze is on, and it's going to take a loooooong time for Australia to get these runs. Big decision about the new ball coming up. England will be loathe to risk losing this control, as Australia did when they took the second new ball in England's second innings.

Over 78 - Australia 182/6 (Haddin 16, Agar 4) Two singles down the ground, but neither shot convincing. Haddin in particular is lucky as he looks to drive against the spin through the offside and gets the ball down to long-on off the inside half of the bat.

Over 77 - Australia 180/6 (Haddin 15, Agar 3) Another maiden over from Anderson. Haddin struggling for timing this morning, but Anderson's control is absolute. Impeccable line.

Over 76 - Australia 180/6 (Haddin 15, Agar 3) Agar slightly awkwardly sweeps a full, straight ball to fine-leg for two. Couldn't miss that, but got the middle of the bat to it in the end. Those two runs take Agar's Test batting average past the Don and into three-figures...

Over 75 - Australia 178/6 (Haddin 15, Agar 1) Superb take from Prior up to the stumps with Anderson bowling at 84mph. Further proof of a) just how good Prior is, and b) the lengths he will go to for the team. Putting himself in the firing line for the team plan.

Over 74 - Australia 178/6 (Haddin 15, Agar 1) First sign of aggression from Agar, who dances down the ground and has a big mow at Swann. Miscues to mid-on, where Broad's misfield gives the chance of an easy single but Haddin sends Agar back. All round, not the greatest piece of cricket.

Over 73 - Australia 178/6 (Haddin 15, Agar 1) Huge cheers from the crowd as the PA announcer reads out James Anderson's name. Matt Prior is up to the stumps to keep Brad Haddin in his crease. First runs of the day come as Haddin tries to play the Ian Bell late cut but gets it a bit more off the edge and in the air than intended. It's wide of Swann at second slip, though, and down to the boundary.

Over 72 - Australia 174/6 (Haddin 11, Agar 1) Graeme Swann kicks the day off with a maiden over to Ashton Agar. Almost gets a quicker ball through, but the young left-hander jabs the bat down in time.

Gloomy Overcast morning at Trent Bridge, which won't displease England who have the option of a new ball in nine overs' time. Floodlights are on as Jerusalem plays.

Edgbaston again? Could we be heading for one of those classic, nail-biting finishes again on a Sunday? Australia showed real grit with the bat on day four, but those late wickets have made England favourites to 1-0 up in the series.

Reviews Chris Rogers batted in stoic fashion on day four to give Australia hope. He also managed a rare triumph for the tourists in this match - he successfully used the review system. Michael Clarke's side are two for nine in this Test so far. Rogers' outlook? 'They are the rules - we just have to go with it. It's the same for both sides.'

Promotion Ashton Agar's knock of 98 in the first innings saw him leap from no 11 to no 8 in the Australian order. If he knocks these runs off today then I reckon he'll be coming at three at Lord's next week.

Good morning And welcome to the fifth and final day of this Ashes opener at Trent Bridge. After all the hype this match has not let us down. We seem highly unlikely to be here all day, but what action we do get should be enthralling. England need four wickets, Australia need 137 runs.

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